Torpedo Bag

Torpedo Bag

Torpedo bag is especially designed for close proximity training, it is ideal for high and body hooks, wide and narrow uppercuts.

Also suitable for training with direct punches and hooks from long distance.

It features a tapered shape that resembles the opponent's chest. With its 20kg of weight, it is also ideal for speed training on the legs, pins and dodges on the trunk.

Longlife, top quality, thick and durable genuine leather, combined with excellent craftsmanship make this bag an essential piece of boxing. Filled with cotton and polyester blends, it delivers high standards of protection to your hands during training and hard workouts.


    • Material: Made in genuine leather; medium hard filling made of cotton and polyester blend
    • Use: Specifically designed for high hooks and uppercut combinations.
    • Size: 60cm high x 45cm diameter in the wider part and 20cm diameter at the bottom x 20kg weight for medium/short distance training.