Chest guard for ladies

Chest guard for ladies

Female chest protection essential for all combat sports, martial arts and much more.

Made in pierced polyester fabric and elastic lycra.

Each cup features two removable plastic inserts: an external reinforced plastic cup and an internal moulded cup to ensure maximum protection against painful knocks and punches.

All inserts can be removed to use the bra as a comfortable sports bra top. Inserts are included.


    • Material: pierced polyester fabric and elastic lycra
    • Female wear
    • Use: Comfortable and safe chest protection against knocks and bumps
    • Colour: black

    • S size is recommended for less than 55kg weighing boxers;
    • M size is recommended for 55kg to 64kg weighing boxers;
    • L size is recommended for 65kg to 75kg weighing boxers;
    • XL size is recommended for over 75kg weighing boxers.