Punching Bag Giant

Punching Bag Giant

From US custom, here comes the GIANT punch bag.

It is especially designed to stay non-fluctuating during workout.

Specific for power workouts, to get maximum power out of punches during training.

45cm large and 50kg heavy, it is the ideal support for interval training.

This huge punch bag allows up to 4 boxers to train at the same time. Carefully filled with cotton and polyester blends, it delivers high standards of protection to your hands during training and hard workouts. Longlife, top quality, thick and durable genuine leather, combined with excellent craftsmanship make this bag an essential piece of boxing.


    • Material: Made in genuine leather; medium hard filling made of cotton and polyester blend;
    • Use: Top quality punch bag ideal for boxing activity;
    • Features: Ring and chains with swivel are included.
    • Size: 100cm x 45cm and approximately 50kg weight, it is suggested for power workouts and interval training.

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